Company Coaching

Introducing Company Coaching

Depending where a company is in the business cycle, its operation will have issues that will challenge the MD and their team; concerns with sales and the current order book when demand decreases; people management and team motivation when making change; and service quality issues when capacity is stretched.

CoachDirectors works with business leaders who want to continuously grow profitably no matter what the trading conditions. Our company coaching methodology can bring change to the depth and breadth of a company, producing value which links directly to the bottom line. It also significantly increases the asset value of a business for when the time is right for an exit.

Our team is made up of business leaders who are also expertly trained coaches. If you are seeking profitable growth then you will find what we do of great interest.

Who are you?

A business owner, CEO or MD of an established company that is well regarded in the market, yet you are frustrated that the company is not making the progress that it should. The financial performance is steady but does at times worryingly fluctuate and previous attempts to expand and grow profitably have been met with difficulties. You are ambitious enough to be challenging the company to deliver against firm but well thought through targets, yet disappointed that improved performance and healthier margins allude you.

What we do?

To us, a ‘company’ is an organisation of people. We have tried and tested interventions which we use to challenge you and your team to step up and realise your potential. We take the lead from you and your teams’ technical expertise and know-how and we build in to your team an equal level of commercial management expertise and know-how which enables the business to grow. By growing your teams’ business skills, your company continues to receive value from us long after our intervention with you is complete.

How we do it?

A company has four important areas that require constant attention through three time horizons; Today, Tomorrow and Future: Three areas involve ‘what’ the company focuses on; Direction is about the future state of the company. Design is about resource build for tomorrow. Deliver is about market activity today. The fourth area, Drive, focuses on ‘how’ a company operates; the management aspects. With this we assess, and then embed, commercial know-how in to a business in twenty significant areas to five degrees of depth.
Are you sincere in growing your company?

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Benefits of Company Coaching

Business Benefits

  • Your business performance; improvement of the bottom line financial result
  • Increased capital value - more saleable
  • Increasing your level of control and confidently driving the changes in your business that you want to see
  • Skill enhancement; strategy, delegation, persuasion, conflict management, communication etc
  • Significantly improved management team

Leadership Benefits

  • Driving improvement in your leadership effectiveness
  • Making sure your leadership style and behaviour does not hold you back
  • Enabling you to stay on track and sustain a high level of performance
  • Assisting you to improve your professional relationships and ensure you are gaining the most from them

Personal Benefits

  • Awareness of blind spots
  • Increasing your job satisfaction
  • Personal insight; to the harsh truth no one else will tell you
  • Providing more certainty as you step outside your comfort zone
  • True work/life balance

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