Working with CoachDirectors has improved my personal effectiveness immeasurably.

Executives and businesses work with CoachDirectors for three reasons:


Taking Executive Performance To The Next Level & Beyond

For progressive business leaders and ‘high potentials’ who want to improve their personal performance:  We work 'one-to-one' with individuals and challenge them to 'step-up' and fulfil both their professional and personal aspirations.


Delivering Business Momentum On An Enterprise Scale

For progressive business owners & senior leadership teams who want to build business momentum:  We work ‘company-wide’ with organisations of all shapes and sizes and challenge them to 'step-up' and realise the full potential of their business.

Company Coaching

Mastering Leadership Skills & Inspiring Top Team Performance

For smart business people who want to master new skills:  From motivational speakers through seminars & workshops to structured team events, we help them to finesse their leadership skills and inspire world-class team performance.

Mastery & Inspiration

Five reasons HR and L&D teams love working with CoachDirectors:


We take away the pain and uncertainty of interviewing, assessing and selecting executive coaches.  Less headaches for you!  One simple call gives you instant easy access to an elite executive coaching cadre - all rigorously assessed, quality guaranteed, and reliability of results assured.



We set realistic fee levels for each and every executive coach.  It takes the guess-work out of budgeting and provides a range of options to suit every coaching eventuality. You spend less time worrying. You can even benchmark your own internal executive coaches against ours using a free online tool.  



We bring scientific rigour and consistency to the process of matching the right executive coaches to each and every assignment.  It provides a platform for executive coaching that helps free up more of your time, is aligned with the commercial imper-atives of your business & is focused on real outcomes.



We are full of great ideas - which means we don't do 'off the peg'.  And we'd like you to get the credit for all our hard work too.  Everything
we do is tailored to the 
development needs of your business and individually designed to elicit the highly targeted outcomes you need from and for your team.



We co-create healthy, produc-tive & enduring relationships with our clients based upon delivering quantifiable value across all areas of people development.  You get a loyal, proactive & dependable partner who challenges you to 'step-up' and keep 'raising the bar' as we shape a better future together.  


A new discreet service for high profile individuals, artists and celebrities in business, music, entertainment and sports.

Private Clients